Business skills and needs of startups and SMEs survey

1. Your company (to be) is:

2. Your develop (or intend to develop) in cleantech sector (for example: energy efficiency, renewables, environment, energy storage, energy, sustainable development, circular economy etc.):

3. Country where your company is/will be registered

4. Your company's crucial strengths and weaknesses are:
(Score all bearing in mind that 1 is a weakness and 5 is a strength, 3 is neutral)
a. Market recognition (identification of market needs, competition, etc.)
b. Unique and targeted offer (bringing idea to market)
c. Human potential (staff, researchers, access to temporary workforce)
d. Managerial skills
e. Financial resources, access to external money (e.g. investors)
f. Access to research infrastructure and researchers
g. Intellectual Protection Rights (IPR) – patents etc.
h. Office/premises (coworking, own)
5. Your company's needs are:
(score all; 1 – it is not important, 5 – it is extremely important)
a. Advisory on business skills and understanding market
b. Advisory on value proposition and formulating offer (bringing idea to market)
c. Organization development (capacity)
d. Organization development (managerial skills)
e. Access to external funding (e.g. investors, loan)
f. Access to research infrastructure and researchers
g. Assistance with Intellectual Property Rights acquisition
h. Office/premises (coworking, own)
6. Can we contact you with free support (training, coaching, business development support)?